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  • dontquit:

    Okay so I’ve been hearing a lot of criticism about feminism and double standards blblabla. You guys have it all wrong.

    TRUE Feminists want equal rights for all, not just for women, but for every human being in the planet. The patriarchy has denied people their rights for wayy too long and for…

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  • ryuucorgi:

    Every day i open my tumblr, Facebook, twitter,etc just to see some ramblings from some “feminist” about how terrible men are and how much of a victim women are..then they play off the victim roll..women want and deserve equal rights as a man so stop begging for more you! You want to live like a…

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  • chaotic-christina:

    MEN are not superior to WOMEN.
    WOMEN are not superior to MEN.

    MEN are not better than WOMEN.
    WOMEN are not better than MEN.

    THEREFORE… Both women and men and all between are all equal. Neither should be shunned out, looked down upon, looked as inferior, voiced out, have ignored opinions, or…

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  • gingersoulless:

    Preach it.

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  • "

    I’m tired of generalizing.

    No, not all homeless people are lazy or addicted to drugs. In fact, 60% of homeless men in my city have a part time job and only 26% have a substance abuse problem.

    No, not all women are dainty. They are capable, they are strong; just as men are.

    No, not all guys are pigs who just want sex. There are a lot of good, wholesome men out there.

    No, not all people who live in the country are hillbillies.

    No, not all people with mental disabilities are ‘crazy.’ In fact, most people, according to my psychology textbook, have or will have some symptoms that suggest they have some sort of mental disorder in their life time.

    No, not all Muslims are terrorists. In fact, only 6% of terrorist attacks to America have been from Muslims.

    No, not all white people are racist.
    No, not all black people are racist.

    No, not all Mexican Americans are illegal immigrants.

    No, not all Asians are super geniuses.

    No, not all Catholics are homophobic and unaccepting. In fact, their faith teaches to accept and love all people, no matter their gender, religion, sexual preference, or anything else under scrutiny.

    No, not all teenage girls are drama queens and gossips.
    No, not all teenage boys live for football.

    And to the waiter at that restaurant who asked me if I had a DD for after prom; I have never had a sip of alcohol in my life because I have seen people I love being affected in very negative ways from alcohol. Sorry to break your stereotype.

    In general, we tend to stereotype and generalize things and people we do not understand. So before you judge or call someone a name or make an assumption, look at the facts. Get to know the person. You might just be amazed at what you find.

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  • "One of the reasons I self identify as a Feminist is because Feminism believes men aren’t idiots. Feminism believes that men have self control, are capable of thinking with their brains not their dicks, and generally believes that men can make a positive difference by being supportive."

    Tom Preston, saying something completely awesome.

    Don’t even care how people feel about him, I 100% agree with this quote.

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  • sad-and-swaggie:

    Cisphobia isnt going to cancel out transphobia.

    Heterophobia isn’t going to cancel out homophobia.

    Saying that all men are the same only aggravates sexism towards women.

    Any type of shamming will not cancel out other types of shamming.

    Fighting fire with fire will not work.

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  • carolina-hardcore-ecstacy:

    i think you all need to learn what true feminism is. true feminism is wanting both sexes to be equal, not bashing men, not bashing women for wanting to do stereotypical feminine things. if a woman wants be a housewife and raise ten children, it’s her choice. if a woman wanting to join the marine corps and fight in the war, it’s her choice. true feminism is allowing women to make their own choices and not bashing them for what they choose.

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  • ninten-:

    MOTHER カミオカ
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  • magicantian:

    Remember to “go for it!”


    Artist’s Tumblr

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  • ry-spirit:

    A fan art of Earthbound! An underated game that I wish more people played. I love the game and I think its time I drew these kids. Drawn by the kid Ry-Spirit

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  • kingofmagicant:

    The evolution of Ness.

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  • putridpink:

    Wednesday Addams

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